What Is The Difference Between An Almond Bush And An Almond Tree?

While their names indicate a strong connection, the almond tree and the almond bush aren't really closely related. Although one is the source of the famous almond nut while the other one is an excellent landscaping addition. 

Gardeners appreciate both trees and shrubs for their beautiful flowers and their ornamental value and almond trees are cultivated to produce a nuts crop. If you want to buy sweet almond bush then you may see it here www.plantvine.com/product/aloysia-virgata-sweet-almond-verbena/.

sweet almond bush

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Although the almond bush is from Argentina The almond tree's native habitat is Syria in the Middle East and North Africa. Both are fragrant however, while the almond flower's petals are pinkish-white The almond bush's blooms are pure white.

Almond Bush

Although the almond plant doesn't produce almondshowever it has an intense, sweet almond scent , hence the name. Although it's drought-tolerant it does prefer constant humidity and can thrive under full sunlight or in part shade.

Almond Tree

The tree of almonds (Prunus dulcis) prefers a deep sandy loam, well-drained, and enhanced with organic material so that it is fertile. Contrary to the almond bush, it is a fan of full sun and doesn't like shade. The water requirements are moderate however, it is tolerant of hot and dry climates. It flowers in March, with the fruit maturing and breaking open 7 to 8 months later, with the nuts inside.