Use Of Various Circuit Breakers Based On Their Voltage Supply

Circuit breakers are also known as electrical switches, which play an important role in power supply and protect circuits from damage. Loss of power occurs in the circuit breaker or circuit breaker when there is an electrical overload or short circuit.

The industrial circuit breaker or the home circuit breaker works with a current sensor to detect a fault condition when the fault occurs in the circuit breaker disconnecting the electrical power from it. Industrial circuit breakers of various sizes are reset manually or automatically to resume normal operation. You can always buy them online from the best circuit breaker producers.

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Circuit breakers can be small protective devices for a single household appliance or large switches designed to protect the high voltage circuits that make up an entire city. There are three types of circuit breakers based on their voltage.

The main characteristic of most of the three types of circuit breakers is their magnetic function.

High-voltage sensor circuits are used to protect and control the power transmission network. They are equipped with a current sensor protection relay controlled by an electric transformer. They are categorized according to the instrument used to compress the arc, which consists of compressed air, minimal oil, bulk oil, vacuum, and SF6.

Medium-voltage circuit breakers can be connected to the circuit by attaching them to a busbar or cable, especially in switchgear located in most open spaces. These circuit breakers, which are arranged in the switchgear, are designed as a tensile design. 

Low voltage circuit breakers are rated for circuits of 1000 volts or less. The molded circuit breaker is one of the most widely used low-voltage current sensors for air circuits. It is often a circuit breaker widely used in homes, industry, and small businesses.