Types Of Transcription Services

Transcription is a specialized term that means converting various recorded speeches into well-written form. Basically transcription is conversion into written, typed or printed form. Simply put, something that is written, is mainly copied from one medium to another, because the complete written copy of the dictation is called a transcription.

Depending on the industry, company, organization and field of study, different transcription facilities are required nowadays.

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Below are the different types of transcription services:

Medical Transcription: Medical transcription is known as MT and is associated with the health and medical industry. MT is related to the health profession. MT discusses the process of converting an oral report dictated by a doctor or healthcare professional into a different text format.

Legal Transcript: Used to produce official transcripts of court hearings, witness statements, and other court proceedings. Law firms, wall and court clerks, voice masks and walls require legal transcription services to transcribe recorded oral speech into writing.

Financial Transcription: Financial industry companies need financial transcription services. Financial transcription is used for annual accounts, events, financial summaries and analytical reports, company reports, business studies, and meetings.

Media Transcription: The name itself says it is used in the media, entertainment industry. This is a transcription of the displayed audio portion of the program, including the silent elements. Displays text on a television screen or video to provide additional or interpretive information to viewers wishing to access it.