Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder in Burbank

There are various effective treatments for borderline personality disorders (BPD). What treatment seems to be the best, and what should I know about the options available? Usually, BPD is treated with a combination of medicines and psychotherapy.

Although during the crisis period, individuals with BPD may require a short period of hospitalization to remain safe. Recently, independent tools have been developed to add traditional borderline personality disorder (BPD) treatment in Burbank, CA

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Long-term outpatient psychotherapy, or “speech therapy,” is an important part of every treatment for BPD. Research has shown that some types of psychotherapy are effective in reducing BPD symptoms, including:

Dialectic behavior therapy (DBT)

The dialectic behavior (DBT) therapy is the first form of psychotherapy found effective for people with borderline personality disorders (BPD.) DBT is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on how thoughts and beliefs can lead to actions and behaviors. In this therapy, people learn how to manage distress, and learn skills to help them cope with strong emotions. Mindfulness is a component of this approach.

Schema-Focused Therapy

Schema-focused therapy is an integrative psychotherapy incorporating aspects from cognitive behavior therapy and psychoanalytic theories. Schema-focused therapy operates with the thought that unmet needs from childhood can lead to unhealthy ways of thinking about the world. This therapy focuses on challenging these manipulative beliefs and behaviors and focusing on healthier ways of thinking and coping.