To Know About Effective Talent Management

It is easy to see that talent management is a hot topic when three of the most prestigious magazines, Harvard Business Review, Business Week, and Training & Development, have covered stories in the same month.

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Overcoming Common Total Talent Management Solutions Challenges

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Although talent management (the recruitment, training, and retention of high-quality workers) has been called many things over the years it is not new. Although the topic is not new in itself, the way we view it has changed over time.

The training of executives and managers outside of the university environment has advanced. Executive coaching and action learning are available in addition to the executive MBA program. 

Executive coaching provides one-on-one support for much emotional intelligence and “soft” skills. Managers and executives can use action learning to solve real problems and learn simultaneously.

Many companies overlook the fact that talent management is not just about training. Talent management includes both recruiting and retention.

Are you able to train the right people in your company? It is a wasteful use of organizational resources to train the wrong people. Can you retain the right people once you have trained them? You are just training people to compete with you.