Tips on How to Treat Melasma

One of the most annoying facial pigment problems is called melasma – otherwise known as the “mask of pregnancy. Melasma is a brownish pigmentation that affects adult women. It often develops during pregnancy – .. Hence the name ‘pregnancy mask’. Some women just have a few small brown spots here and there, but many have large patches of brown pigments that cover the entire cheek or forehead or around the mouth.

It can often be difficult to cover them completely with makeup, and many women have spent a lot of money on lightening creams  trying to get rid of it. Melasma is aggravated by the sun and exposure to UV radiation (including tanning beds), but hormonal factors play a role as well because it often comes on during pregnancy, or when replacing the hormone.

Laser therapy might be an effective treatment for the Melasma since it is considered non-invasive treatment for melasma that significantly improves skin tone and appearance. You can look for the best melasma treatment in Charlotte via

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More ways to cure Melasma:

Use sunscreen every day.

The best method of treatment is prevention. Starting at a young age with daily sunblock, avoiding intense sun exposure, and avoiding tanning beds all can help prevent younger women and teenagers from developing this condition in their middle adult years. In women that have melasma already, sun protection can keep it from worsening. This means daily sunblock year-round.

Stop your birth control pills if you no longer need them for birth control

If you are done having children, consider your surgical options for birth control. If you take birth control to help with menstrual symptoms, consider bioidentical hormone management instead. If you are taking hormone replacement therapy, try to minimize your estrogen (take the smallest amount that you need to control the symptoms)