Tips for a Perfect Self-Published Book

You should not publish your book until it is absolutely perfect. You can leave it away for about a month. You will be able to see typos and mistakes when you go back over them. Always use a spell-checker. You can also use useful websites to check your writing for spelling errors and flaws.

Listen to the opinions of others and ask them to read your work. It's possible to get too close to your subject and miss things that are obvious to others. Moreover, it's good to seek professional help. You can hire a personal self publishing coach through for your self-publishing success.

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Every self-publishing company has its own formatting rules. These rules should be followed and read. You should stick to the recommended font sizes and styles. If you don't have to, it can be distracting.

It can be difficult to visualize your book on the computer screen. To make sure you do it correctly, print test pages. Be sure to number your pages and ensure that your first page begins with an odd number.


Forget the old adage, Don't judge a book by its cover. The best cover is the most important selling point for your book. Although many self-publishing companies will provide a cover, this does not mean that your book will be the same as thousands of other books.

You don't have to employ a professional designer. Most people now have access to digital cameras, so why not produce your own unique cover? Alternatively, find a picture or photo online that you find both interesting and appropriate, and ask the owner if you can use it. Most people are only too happy to have their work adorn your front cover!