The Role of Mediation and Counseling in Divorce Prevention

The divorce process is a difficult decision and the consequences of divorce can be unhappy and traumatic for the entire family, especially if the child is out of wedlock. There are several trusted divorce support groups who can try to point you in the right direction about divorce and taxes, based on the current state of your marriage.

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In some countries, the divorce law itself requires that both partners seek family counseling or try to resolve their dispute through the intervention of a professional mediator. This step is deemed necessary before either party can begin preparing for the testing or detection process. 

The costs of a state-appointed consultant or mediator usually have to be borne by both parties, although courts may make exceptions in individual cases. There are several such attorneys among the Jacksonville divorce firms who will first try to resolve differences between the two spouses and hope for an out of court settlement. 

However, the role of a mediator or counselor goes beyond that of a lawyer in the sense that the goal is to preserve the marriage and prevent it from ending in divorce. The sole motive of a mediator or counselor is to reduce emotional and psychological crises between partners and to find rational solutions to their conflicting positions on various issues. 

The mediator also informs the couple about the serious personal and financial consequences of the divorce proceedings. The harmful and traumatic effects of accidental divorce on children is the most painful part of a divorce that a mediator can explain to both parties.