The Levels Of Tech Support

Technical or ‘tech’ support is a form of customer communication that product-centric companies use to help their users get the most out of their products.

Typically, this is done via knowledge bases, live chat, email, or phone – and aims to solve technical problems such as installation issues, login errors, and other technical difficulties that can harm the user experience. You can also look for Ultratax tech support via

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Depending on the needs of your users, it could be handled using email, live chat support, knowledge bases, or even over the phone.

Here are the few levels of technical support :

     1. Pre-support

In the pre-Internet era, if people had a product question, they asked family and friends or, they referenced an owner’s manual. Today, your users will simply “Google” it.

And this means that most of your customers will be browsing the web looking for answers before they contact you. Some of your users will be huge advocates of your products and offer incredible insight into how to get the best out of them and help fellow users troubleshoot problems.

     2. Self-service

The next level in tech support is about allowing users to self-serve and is managed through self-help wikis, FAQs, and knowledge bases. For many users, this is a quick and easy alternative to contacting a help desk and waiting for a response by email.

Having a self-service level in place can resolve the most common queries and free up first-of-line support for more in-depth and complex questions.