Which Vape Should You Buy?

Switching to vaping is an economical decision. Nicotine salts are the most affordable vaping device. They are becoming more popular among smokers as a way to quit smoking. Subohm devices are able to save you up 81% or cost you 17% less than smoking.

Many smokers have been able to quit smoking due to the amazing flavor and cloud production of high-wattage vape pens. We recommend a sub-ohm vape pen for beginners. Box mods can be difficult to use and have an intuitive design. For vaping products, you can buy nic salt juice at https://www.vapeathome.ca/collections/e-liquids.

Wave SALTS 30ml by Sour Master

Vaping can cut down on your smoking habit by up to 92%. Vaping can sometimes be more expensive than smoking.

Let’s look at some situations where vaping is more expensive than smoking cigarettes a pack per day.

  • Cigs-a-likes – If you vape 3 or more cartridges per day at 2 dollars per cartridge, it will cost about 5% more than smoking a pack.
  • Sub-Ohm devices: If you buy 60ml of e-juices at 25 dollars and you vape 15ml per day, as well as change your coils once per week, you will pay about 22%. This is more than buying a pack of cigarettes.

We suggest that you increase the nicotine level in your e-juice to save money or buy larger e-juices to save money over the long term.