What Information To Discuss At Your Initial Divorce Consultation In Fort Mill

Going through a divorce affects one's life forever. Even when your divorce appears simple and drama-free, many find the process to have long-term effects on finances, friendships, or social settings.

Whether you are going through a grueling contested divorce, or you and your spouse have come to some agreement on issues and want to pursue an uncontested divorce, it would be prudent to consult with family law support and hire a divorce lawyer to handle the process.

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When you first meet with a divorce lawyer, both you and the attorney will be looking to find if there is a basis for a professional relationship. At the initial consultation, you and the divorce attorney would want to be comfortable with each other. Each of you will want to have a firm understanding of what to expect from the other.

Most divorce lawyers offer a thirty or forty-five-minute initial consultation for free, or maybe for a nominal fee. You should be prepared to discuss your goals and general topics of concern in your divorce.

Your attorney should be able to answer your questions fully on the legal process and be able to give you an assessment of how realistic your goals are.

Even if you do not hire a lawyer, the information you discuss is nevertheless protected under the attorney-client privilege. It is highly unlikely that you will say anything that will shock them.

Therefore, you should feel at ease about discussing personal information with them. Your attorney can only help you reach your goals if they know everything you do about your situation.