Things to Consider When Choosing Rattan Coffee Tables

Rattan coffee tables add a certain casual relaxed atmosphere to the average home. And who can blame them on that? And hey, if you are looking for a way to makeover an otherwise drab room into something worth coming home to every day, these pieces are the perfect choice for you.

A plus thing to note is that there are a ton of choices for rattan coffee tables. Take a look online or in your local stores and catalogs. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how many shapes and styles there are. From elegant to surprisingly informal, the variety is definitely bountiful.

For example, one popular choice for rattan coffee tables is made of rattan wicker material. In wicker material, the weave is very tight, and it looks quite natural. With a natural rattan wicker material table, you can be sure that it will last for years to come, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that each piece is as special as the day it was bought.

Of course, wicker coffee tables also come in many other styles. One popular choice would be ones that measure 18 inches wide and less. They are made in a wide variety of materials, including hardwood. Typically they are built sturdy enough to hold up against daily use.

Of course, another very popular option would be wicker end tables. These pieces are most commonly seen in a coastal style, with natural wicker material used. They can be purchased in various heights, which allows you to adjust to fit your height if need be. You may also have a choice between smooth or textured surfaces. Some people prefer the smooth surfaces, while others prefer the texture. No matter what your preference, you're sure to find something that will make a statement about your own personal style.

The actual size of your Rattan coffee tables is an important aspect to consider, too. You want to make sure that it will fit comfortably in your own home. It should be able to hold all of the necessary items, but at the same time, it shouldn't make you feel like it is taking up too much room. Generally, it should weigh no more than five and a half pounds, although the smaller versions can actually hold up to eight pounds. The heavier models will obviously cost more to purchase.

There are two main types of material used for coffee tables: natural and vinyl. Natural rattan coffee tables are usually either oil rubbed or powder coated. These finishes provide the furniture with a rich texture, and the finish can even be darkened to create a more antique look. The vinyl finish provides a nice shine and can even be easily cleaned with soap and water. These finishes are available in a number of different colors, from light browns to reds and blues.

Both the natural and vinyl types of coffee tables are available in a wide variety of finishes, from a very basic white, to a beautiful black. Some of the styles come with cushions or are fashioned after animals, complete with pillows and trinkets. You can also find these tables with a basic wooden frame and covered with wicker, with the covered frame being a more modern design. With all of these options, you are sure to find just the right piece to suit your home's decor.

Another important aspect of choosing rattan coffee tables is to consider its weight capacity. Rattan is a very heavy wood, and it is especially resistant to extreme weather conditions. For this reason, some people choose to buy larger pieces, such as those that sit on the floor. Larger pieces are generally heavier than smaller pieces, but they can still be used as stand alone pieces without any issues. If the table you choose has a removable legs, then you may want to choose a lighter wood with a low weight capacity.

The weight capacity of a rattan coffee table will have a major impact on the price of the furniture, but there are other things to consider as well. One thing to keep in mind is that the actual thickness of the wicker material will have a significant impact on the price of the piece. Thickness refers to the width of the entire piece, including the thickness of the felt pads beneath the legs. If you get a thick piece of wicker with a narrow width, it will be priced higher than a piece with a thin width.

In summary, wicker coffee tables with rattan legs offer a unique and beautiful way to enhance the overall design of your living space. The cost of the rattan will depend on the size and quality of the piece, so be sure to do your research and find one that fits your budget. Rattan wicker coffee tables are not only versatile, but they are also extremely durable and very comfortable to sit on.