Sewing the Perfect Fit

When it comes to sewing, you want to make sure your garment fits perfectly. Follow these tips to cut your garment fit like a pro. 

1. Start with the appropriate pattern size. When fitting a pattern, take into account the wearer’s body type and height. Patterns can vary greatly in size from one brand to the next, so always consult the instructions before starting your project. You can order a new cutting machine online at cutting machine producer.

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2. Use measurements to help determine your size. Use body measurements such as bust, waist, and hip circumference to help determine your size in patterns and other sewing materials. If you are unsure about your measurements, ask a friend or family member for help; they may have already tried on several different sizes of clothing and know what works best for them.

3. Take into account fabric stretchiness when measuring yourself for a garment fit. Fabric stretchiness can be altered by different types of fabrics (linen vs cotton), so always consult the fabric’s care instructions before starting your project. For example, rayon has a tendency to stretch more than other types of fabrics while silk tends to not stretch at all.

4. Choose the right fit seam allowances. The right amount of seam allowance will give you

Follow these steps and you'll be cutting like a pro in no time! Click here for a FREE downloadable PDF of this dress tutorial! Happy Sewing!