The Scoop on New Natural Skin Care Products

New natural skincare products are coming out all the time. I want to make you aware of some information about these products that you might not know. My goal is to help you become more informed consumers.

The packaging and fancy bottles are no surprise and are in fact a great sales strategy! That aside, quality research is sometimes sacrificed because of the time and money that goes into sales and marketing. 

In some cases, the product may not be new but just packaged in different packaging and the container may be fancier or brighter. You can also check natural products at

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The processing of a product may be what makes it different from an earlier version of it. You can process the same ingredients in a different way and call them new. Calling a product natural is another thing. Be forewarned that a product may say it is natural when it's really been made with synthetic material that has naturally occurring substances in them.

These so-called natural products may have very unsafe ingredients in them. For example, synthetic materials may have natural substances in them. It's the artificial chemicals, preservatives, and fillers that can damage your skin and put your health at risk. Companies may use animal fats including beef fat as fillers.