Best Arabic Dishes Which You Must Have

Shawarma is a delicious combination of all the best things in life: crisp, spicy meat, charred, wrapped in a soft pita, and topped with juicy lettuce and crisp cucumbers. You can purchase shawarma online if you are craving for the dish.

It's one of the greatest combinations you can find, particularly when it's 2 am at dawn. It's among the most delicious combination at all times of the day. 

Shawarma as we all know and love, is popular street food in the Middle East. The term "shawarma" is typically used to describe a Levantine method of cooking meat. Thin slices of marinated meat are placed on a cone, placed on a vertical rotisserie, and then grilled. The word"shawarma" is a reference to "turning."

How to make Shawarma

Shawarma is a dish that can be made from chicken, beef, lamb, or turkey. In our instance, we'll use chicken thighs.

Make a spice blend In one small container, combine cumin garlic powder, paprika cardamom, coriander, ginger as well as turmeric. Aleppo spice, cinnamon, and ground cloves into an aromatic spice mix.

Marinate Spice mix, lemon juice, and olive oil in a bowl, along with legs of chicken. Keep the chicken in the marinade for at least two hours.

Chicken is ready to cook: you could cook the chicken using the oven over the stove or in an air fryer or on the grill. After it's cooked allow it to rest for a few minutes before cutting it.

Serve hot: serve on a platter, served with salad, shawarma sauce, and pita. You can also serve everything in the pita and wrap it up in street food fashion.