Basic Types Of Jumping Rope

Weighted jump ropes may be used in skipping, jumping, sidewards skipping, and alternating forwards to exercise the arms, legs, shoulders, and the whole body. Weighted jump ropes also come in handy for doing advanced jump rope routines such as double jumps and hand crossovers for a more challenging workout.

They include weights that range from one to three pounds. Rope skipping makes for an excellent cardiovascular workout. It is also less strenuous for the bones and muscles compared to jogging. You can buy the jumping ropes online via

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Solid Rubber: This type of weighted jump rope is made from solid rubber. Their handles have swivel ball bearings on both ends. Weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire rope. Most models have ergonomic hand grips, helping the ropes spin faster.

This also helps reduce fatigue in the muscles of the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Solid-rubber types are best for endurance training, cardiovascular workouts, respiratory training, and strengthening.

Leather: Made from leather, they include handles that may be also made of leather with wood ball bearings that are padded. Most of this type also have weighted handles to increase resistance with soft hand grips made of foam to add protection and comfort.