All You Need To Know About Shisha Funnel Bowl

The funnel bowl is one of the most popular types of water pipes. They are a good choice if you smoke a more humid brand of bottled tobacco such as Tabaku, Tangiers, or Al-Fakher. 

The unique funnel bowl design features an elevated pull hole in the center of the donut-shaped bowl which theoretically prevents excess molasses from spilling onto the stem. You can also buy the best shisha  accessories online through various websites.

Hookah Parts

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Most bottled smokers don't know how to properly pack a funnel bowl and therefore never experience the major benefits. Making tobacco for skewers for a bowl with a funnel is no different from a traditional hookah bowl, so we won't be spending too much time covering the old bottom. 

Funnels can be used effectively with heat barriers and chimney kits, but we prefer to use foil. As a general rule of thumb for all shisha bowls, the holes for the foil and charcoal should be just above the skewer mixture and laid evenly throughout the mixture in the bowl. 

This rule isn't so clear-cut with traditional bowls where the skewer mixture fills the entire bowl, but with funnel bowls, you don't want hot coals or holes in the foil just above the extraction holes in the center of the bowl. 

In addition to the number of holes you drill in the foil, the gap between the foil and the top of your mixture also controls how easy or difficult it is to blow smoke through the shisha pipe.