Seven Quick Ways to Audit Your Site SEO

Do you ever wonder why your Web site doesn't show up where you want it to in a search? Many of my clients are surprised when they learn what actually determines their site's ranking. If you're not getting the results you're looking for, the problem may be right under your nose.

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The first thing I do when consulting with a client on search-related questions is an audit of their current Web site. Although the calculations used by Google and Yahoo are numerous, there are a few obvious indicators that could be hindering your site's ranking among search results. The following list can help you evaluate your own site and point you toward more traffic and better ranking.

1. Title tag

The title tag is displayed on the top border of your Web browser as a user views your site. It is also the text used in the clickable link on the search engine results pages (SERPs). This title tag is one of many on-page features that help the search engine determine the relevance of your site. So, for purposes of an audit, look for a few key inclusions, such as your company name and relevant keywords. The text should vary from page to page depending on the page content and be kept to fewer than 70 characters.

2. Meta tags

Hidden at the top of your Web page should be your Meta tags. Meta Tags are meta-information supplied to the search engine to understand your page content. The two most notable tags are the Meta Keywords and Meta Description Tags.