What Are Ape Mushroom Spores?

Ape mushroom spores, also known as entoloma mushrooms, are a type of fungi that grow on the decaying remnants of animals, especially in humid conditions. These fungi have been found to be the cause of plant and animal deaths across the world. 

Ape mushroom spores  are those little, white, round things that sometimes hitch a ride on mushrooms you pick in the forest. Although they don’t look very appetizing, they’re actually an important part of the mushroom’s reproductive system.

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Ape mushroom spores are transported to new areas by the wind, and can help spread the mushrooms’ spores far and wide. In fact, if you collect a whole bunch of ape mushroom spores, you can use them to start your own mushroom colony!

Where do they grow?

Ape mushroom spores are found in the soil, on the bark of trees, and on stumps. They grow in groups or clusters and have a rough texture.

How do you spot them?

Ape mushroom spores are small, black, and elliptical. They can be seen singly or in groups on the surface of the cap or stem of the mushroom.


Ape mushroom spores are a type of fungus that can be found in some parts of the world, such as North America and Europe. These spores are often used in research labs to study diseases and fungi, among other things. While they may not sound particularly dangerous, it is important to be aware of what these spores are capable of if ingested.