What is an electromagnetic door lock?

A door lock is a type of locking mechanism used on a door to prevent the entry or exit of people to a building. Door locks were invented for two reasons; for security and convenience. Lock manufacturers took advantage of this need by producing many different types of locks. One such type of lock is an electromagnetic door lock. But what is an electromagnetic door lock?

If you’re planning to install an electromagnetic door lock, you should know the background about these devices. An electromagnetic locking mechanism eliminates the use of physical keys. It uses electromagnetic energy that is transmitted via wireless to operate the locking system.

An electromagnetic door lock – sometimes just called an electromagnetic lock – is an advanced security device that can be installed on the exterior of an entryway. It can be used in conjunction with existing hardware (a doorknob and deadbolt) or it can be used as a standalone device. 

These Electromagnetic Door Locks UAE are a combination of renewable energy generating and communication technology. More specifically, buttons are connected to electronic locks with electronics that include: microcontroller modules such as Arduino, radio frequency receivers, sound modulated receiver units and integrated circuits. Electromagnetic door locks are simple devices that were developed with the aim of obtaining maximum safety against lock-picking.

How Does an Electromagnetic Door Lock Work?

Electromagnetic door locks work by using a card reader that is embedded in the frame of the door. When you insert your access card into the reader, an electromagnetic field is created around the lock itself. When you turn the knob or push on the strike plate, the electromagnetic field fluctuates, causing a transfer of current through the solenoid. This unlocks the door and allows you to open it as if you had used a regular key. This type of lock can come in handy if you need to ensure that only certain people have access to your home. The access cards can be programmed specifically to let certain individuals into your home at certain times.

Advantages of electromagnetic Door Locks.

1. Economically – an electromagnetic lock is much cheaper to install compared to a safe or vault. This makes it ideal for small businesses that have a tight budget but need a high level of security.

2.Quick – electromagnetic locking system can be opened within seconds. This is ideal for busy office workers who need to leave their workplace quickly and for homeowners who want to get in or out as quickly as possible.

3.Easy to use – these locks can be operated by anybody, even those who are not skilled with mechanical things. People with dexterity issues will also find it easy to use these locks.

4.Safe – because these locks do not use keys, there is no risk of losing your keys or having someone steal them from you. They also feature an alarm system that will notify you if someone tries to open the door without permission, giving you ample time to react and give security.

5.No batteries required- Most electromagnetic door locks need no batteries or electricity to work. The locking mechanism works through magnetism and has a built-in electromagnetic generator, which means you don't have to worry about replacing batteries or turning the lock off before you leave for the day.

Electromagnetic locks have a high level of Security System. There is no way for an intruder to open your door without having the special keypad code. The electromagnetic lock is a non-releasable device, so it cannot be picked or bumped unless you know the exact combination or have spare keys.