Some facts about sommeliers

The sommelier knows the tastes of his customers. They teach and explain different types of wines by customizing wines for customers. His goal is to please his customers not only with the perfect wine, but also with the perfect food. They have a total passion for wine and people.

It is the wine manager who oversees the wine cellar. They provide an upscale restaurant basement. You need a sommelier course  and certification to become a professional.

Consult with the chef to determine which wine is best suited to complement the dish. He knows how to serve wine in the right glass and at the perfect temperature. Most of the information is learned through sommelier courses.

95 percent of sommeliers are male. They work on the restaurant's wine list and work with vendors. It is their responsibility to maintain the restaurant's wine cellar. Sometimes the sommelier actually becomes a celebrity in the culinary world, writing wine articles, hosting wine tastings, giving vineyard tours, etc.

Must follow beer, cider, ale and cigar (which is after dinner). The sommelier must be familiar with restaurant menus and wine choices.

Choose a variety of wines including fine wines, cheaper and more expensive. Note: A bottle of wine can cost thousands of dollars. Choosing a house wine is an important responsibility. He knows every wine in the cellar and every dish on the menu. He chose wines that complemented the meal and that provided contrast.

Some serve as wine consultants for restaurants. They can even compete with other sommeliers around the world by taking exams and showing off their skills, including their talent for blind tasting. This type of work is definitely for "night people" because it involves wine with dinner. Traveling can be a big part of their job, they visit vineyards and wineries around the world.

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