Quick Guide to the Common Hardware you will Find on a Boat

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When you read the term boat hardware, what was the first thing that you thought about? Was it the boat’s body, the steering area, and the anchor? While those are the basics that appear from the outside, there’s a lot more hardware on the inside. Here’s a list of the most basic hardware almost every boat will have.

  • Cleat: Every boat has some sturdy fixtures that are anchored to the hull of a boat. Known as cleats, these are used to secure docking lines.
  • Anchor: This is an onboard design that helps secure the boat to the waterbody’s bed, preventing it from moving or drifting. What makes it different from a mooring is that it stays tied to the boat under the water and not onboard the vessel.
  • T-Top: This is a frame-mounted to the boat’s deck such as a shelter or shade for protection from elements. Metal, fibreglass, and wood are common materials used to create a T-top.
  • Scuppers: Ever thought about what happens when water collects on a boat through rain or other sources. These scuppers work as drains that let the water flow out of the boat.
  • Davit: This is a small crane that sailors use to lower or raise objects to (or from) the body of the boat.
  • Fenders: When there’s another boat or dock, fenders protect the boat from damage. The foam or air-filled cushions are temporary attachments that get tied to the vessel’s outside.

Besides, you can also check for advanced hardware options for Australian made aluminium boats to suit a specific purpose.