Promoting Your Business With Eco-friendly Promotional Products In Australia

Eco-friendly promotional items are powerful marketing tools to promote your business. In fact, recent research on environmental promotion products has shown that companies that promote environmental practices for sustainable development have outperformed their competitors.

Offer a free gift. Corn plastic biodegradable pens can be available to anyone, from prospects at trade shows or conferences to loyal prospects or account holders. Make sure you have business contact information printed on these eco-friendly promotional products. First, consider its uses. Free gifts can range from solar calculators to biodegradable mugs. You don't need to use expensive items for a lasting effect.

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Say thank you '. Has a customer signed up for your free online newsletter or told you how much useful information your blog has to offer? Show how much you value their business with 100% recycled thank you cards after recycling. In hindsight, you will find useful tips for saving money and time, eg. Paperless electronic invoices. 

A good touch, combined cleverly with useful information, will set your company apart from the competition when your specific service or product is needed again.

Network with a purpose. We all know that conventions, trade shows, and conferences are great places to network. Don't just give your prospect a business card or catalogue. Make an impression with ecological promotional items. After introducing yourself, hand over a business card. Tell your new contact how the business card can be planted in the ground and the vegetables or wildflowers will sprout in a few days. 

Green business cards are a great way to start a conversation and can lead to impromptu sales. Distribute free eco-friendly promotional items to everyone who signs up for the free online newsletter at your booth.