Performing Phase 1 Environmental Impact Assessment

How to conduct a phase 1 environmental impact assessment (EIA) – The production of goods and services in order to satisfy our needs has led to the depletion of our natural resources. 

What is the phase 1 environmental impact assessment  – It's the study of the environmental effects of any proposed action or project. It evaluates the economic, environmental, and cost-related impacts of various options for a project and recommends the option that will cause the least damage to the environment and be the most financially feasible. 

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Phase 1 EIA is multidisciplinary and relies on assumptions and predictions to make decisions. Some steps are required to complete an environmental assessment. Step 1 -Write down a short but complete problem description of the project. Describe the objectives and the expected benefit. Lastly, explain why you are conducting phase 1  EIA.

Step 2 – To the best of your knowledge, list all alternatives and options for this project. Include the zero alternatives (no action). To avoid missing some possibilities, it is best to work in a small group of two to three people.

Each option is to predict, analyze, and state the possible effects on man and the environment. To fully understand the potential environmental effects, it is a good idea to read through each option. Remember that no environmental effect is minor, so don't forget to include any information. This will help you make a decision about the best option.