Password Manager – Features to Look For

Password Manager is a tool that allows you to store your login information in an encrypted format and retrieve it as needed. To prevent hackers from accessing your private information, most password managers require a “Master Password” to be used the “key” to perform encryption and decryption of you data. All you have to remember is that Master Password and the password manager will remember all your other passwords for you.

Most online users don’t realize that such tools exist. But once you start using it, you will never want to return to the old way of entering your username and password. To get the best password manager, you can hop over to this site It simplifies your life so much that you wish you would have known about it sooner.

Below are features that you must expect from a password manager:


Password managers must use a kind of encryption algorithm to encrypt your entry information. Some examples of encryption algorithms are: DES (Data Encryption Standards), Blowfish, AES (Sophisticated Encryption Standards), Rijndael, etc. Don’t use password managers who keep passwords and usernames in clear text (unencrypted). Anyone can copy your username and password if stored in a clear text file.

Ease of use

You must be able to save and retrieve passwords and usernames by clicking the mouse. Most password managers are implemented as a toolbar in your browser so you don’t need to hunt for them in your program folder. When you are on the logon page, all you have to do is type your username, password, and click the “Save Password” button on your browser tool bar. Password managers must remember the URL (web address) of the site, username, password, and other options you have chosen on the page.