Is a Title Company Really Necessary?

You can hire a title company for a preliminary title search on the property you are interested in purchasing. In most cases of real estate investments, you will have already found a fair price for the property from either an individual or through the Tax Lien/Tax Deed Sale. It is not worth paying for title searches for properties you don't know if you will be able or not to purchase.

Instead, you should learn how to quickly and efficiently check the county for red flags. The Title Companies will tell you that you must have a professional title search performed and that they are the only ones who can do it. You can also get an instant estimate before applying for title insurance.

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While title companies are important in the Real Estate industry, It takes very little time and is not difficult. You should ensure that the Tax Delinquent Property marketable title is maintained when you are involved in any type of transaction. However, in most cases, this can be done without the assistance of a Title company.

You need to know the basics of cloud and clean title chains if you are going to do your own title searches. You will be able to do the same thing they do and save a lot of money.

These are the criteria for a marketable title:

– There are no liens against the property at closing and ownership transfer

– The title chain is straight and unbroken.

Any title company can insure title to such land or home as long there aren't hidden liens on the property.