How To Water Protect Your Garden Maintenance?

The maintenance of your backyard pond or water garden isn't exactly the desire of all water-related gardening activities. Fortunately, it isn't taking an extended amount of time and, aside from getting filthy and wet, it's simple to take care of. 

There are a few chores that should be performed regularly to keep your water pond in balance. A majority of the time, maintenance of your water garden involves the removal of aquatic plants instead of adding them to the pond. If you are looking for garden maintenance, visit for the best services.

Garden Maintenance

They are weeds that thrive in swamps and can dominate the pond when given the chance. Therefore, when you perform your monthly maintenance on your water garden get rid of dead or dead plants. If it is left to decay it could contaminate the water, and even kill fish.

If you own water lilies in your garden, fertilize them regularly in the summertime. Apply one fertilizer tab for each gallon pot. Most water lilies are planted in wide and shallow pots. 

Every month, remove all trash in the water from its bottom. Utilize a fishing net or a pond vacuum. A fish net is usually the one required in the event that the pond is not under trees. Clean your filter every month unless you are using a biofilter that requires an active bacterial community within it. Rinse the filter before replacing it. 

Fill the pond with water when there is any evidence of water loss. If you are adding over 10& of water by volume, be sure to include a dechlorinator. It will help eliminate heavy metals or chlorine found in city water in large quantities.