How To Care Your Rolex Watches

A magnifying glass is used to examine detailed markings, serial numbers, and anything else we cannot see with our normal eyesight. When buying a jewelry magnifier, pay attention to the power of magnification. 

The best magnifying glass for Rolex is the 10x triple magnifier. You can also search for the query ‘Rolex Watch Repair Near Me’ to find a reliable repair service.

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Screwdriver – used to add/remove bracelet straps, which will change the bracelet size, etc. We also recommend purchasing the standard jewelry screwdriver set, which typically includes between 6 and 9 screwdrivers with blade sizes from 0.60 (mm) to 3.00 (mm). 

Watch tweezers – Used for handling and gripping small parts, inserting screws, etc.

Swiss Army Knife – This knife has two blades, including a non-threatening blade specifically designed for opening watch cases and another sharp blade for general use.

Clamps – often called "clamps", are mainly used for cutting wire and other small pieces of metal.

Polishing set – contains a choice of supports, grinding wheel, polishing cloth, and polishing paste.

Watch Spring Strap Removal Tool – allows the bracelet spring to be removed allowing the user to replace the bracelet/band. It must also contain the mm scale printed on the instrument body.

Waterproof "Open all" key – to open all Rolex oyster cases. Comes with 6 hardened rings and fits standard vices. Built-in adjustable splice for all watch sizes.

Personal ultrasonic cleaner – easily cleans jewelry, watches, and bracelets with powerful ultrasonic waves. Use water or an additional cleaning solution.