How Do You Know If You Need Tuckpointing In Sydney?

Brick homes can be breathtakingly gorgeous. They are strong, solid, and, as we learned from The Three Little Pigs, they can withstand winds. This strength, however, requires to be preserved. It is impossible to stand forever without help. You can navigate to get tuckpointing in Sydney for your construction project.

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The strength of the brick and the tuckpointing within needed to be regularly maintained. Tuckpointing refers to the process of removing and reinstalling the mortar joints that are between the brickwork of your property (or any wall in fact). It is generally recommended that you renew the Tuckpointing on your home every 10 to 15 years.

The importance of tuckpointing is in the overall health of your home due to a variety of reasons:

It keeps your brickwork (your home) to keep it all

The water intrusion caused by poor tuckpointing could cause mold to grow inside walls.

Infiltration of water by bad tuckpointing can result in basement flooding.

Although we are all aware of the first point, what do the other two points? If there's a crack within the mortar how will it affect the mold that is present within the home and the basement?

The final thing to do is do your Tuckpointing. If you find cracks in your mortar have them filled (MINUS any weep-holes in the base). We recommend hiring an experienced contractor to do the work.

If you attempt to do it yourself and block those weep holes, it will cause a bigger problem. Always seek out an expert. It is crucial to inspect the window and door seals as well. The objective is to stop water that is on the exterior of your house from entering.