Home Health Care of Elderly Family Members

It is a rehabilitative type of treatment that is delivered to the patient in the privacy of his/her own home by licensed and insured health specialists. It is a skilled service that can be offered by family members or friends, primary caregivers, or even voluntary caregivers.

"Home Health Care" refers to the kind of care provided to patients by licensed staff. The care is skilled and skilled nursing. You can click on the link www.traditionshhs.com/home-healthcare-caregivers to get home health care.

The main goal of Home Health Care is to enable the patient to stay in their home environment instead of requiring institutionalized residential or long-term nursing care. Health professionals offer health care services to the patient at their homes. They are usually combined with life assistance services as well as professional health care services.


Life assistance services include assistance with everyday tasks such as laundry, food preparation, gentle housekeeping, reminders of medication shopping, transportation, tasks that are part of everyday life (ADL). ADL refers to the six essential tasks of your routine, which include dressing, bathing, eating, and moving to the toilet.

We know that many people prefer to receive treatment in a comfortable setting with the warmth, love and understanding of their family and friends that are around them. Health and well-being will, surely, begin in the home setting with a clear understanding that illness can impact family members and the patient's dreams and hopes.