Helpful Tips on Installing and Attaching Your New Railing

If you're considering adding a railing to your home, here are some helpful tips on installing and attaching your new one. 

First, measure the width of the rail you want to buy and the depth of the post below your deck. 

Then measure the height of the railing you want to install. Add 1-1/4" to each measurement for post-installation clearance. 

Next, find an attractive rail that matches your home's style and color palette from

Once you've chosen a rail, figure out where you'd like it to go on your deck. Use a level to make sure the post is level and plumb. Drill a hole in the post at the desired location and insert lag screws with washers. If you're using galvanized screws, make sure they're coated with zinc before installation. 

Attach the rail to the post using galvanized screws with washers and a nut. Tighten the nut until there's just enough space left between the rail and the post for your hand to fit snugly. Repeat on another side of the railing.

Install the Hardware

Before installing your railings, make sure they're securely fastened to the beam. You can use lag screws if you have them, but it's best to use galvanized lag screws and nuts with washers on each side of the railing to avoid rusting. Use a level and plumb line to make sure all posts are level and plumb with each other.

Drill holes in the posts that match up with the lag screws for attaching the railing. Attach metal cleats at the desired height on top of the railing. Repeat on another side of the rails.

Paint & Prime

Expert advice on the best types of screws and how to install them in wood

Picture rails are a great way to add decorative appeal to your home without having to break the bank. However, before you start installing them, you need to make sure you have the right screws.