Getting a Root Canal Dentist Treatment

The fear of dental procedures can make anyone anxious and even scared. This is especially true if you are about to visit the dentist to treat some type of tooth pain. Root canals orthodontist treatment is a fairly routine procedure that can be performed with minimal pain and can heal quickly.

Root Canal Dentist

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A tooth is not a bone that has died. Teeth have two layers: a hard outer layer and a soft inner one that provides nutrients and blood. If teeth are not maintained properly, cavities can be quite common. 

A root canal is necessary when the dentin has begun to decay. A dentist can either local anesthetic or administer sedation to the patient in order to perform a root canal. Next, a hole is made in the crown of the tooth. Then the dentin must be removed. 

The opening is then filled using gutta-percha (a natural cement). The crown is then cemented into place after it has been filled. If you want to prevent the filling from becoming damaged again, it is important to take care of the tooth immediately after a root canal. 

Over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen may be necessary for the tooth after it has been treated. Your dentist should be contacted if you feel the pain is too severe to take normal strength painkillers or the pain persists for more than three to four days.