The Inspiration

The inspiration for Sundae Spatacular came from a family vacation. For something different, Kim booked a spa experience for the kids that promised fun and sweet treats for your hands and feet. (She loved doing things with her children and getting them involved). On their 3 hour drive they imagined all kinds of wonderful things they would do together at the spa. Unfortunately, the experience was less than yummy, but it did leave Kim with a taste to use her own creative ideas and her background as a science teacher and start Sundae Spa.


And Then…

Immediately upon returning Kim threw herself into research – similar products, other spas for children, complimentary businesses that offered experiential learning – no one was doing what we had envisioned though all of the businesses were thriving. Sundae Spa sought to bring the best of them together in “a place where kids can come to make sweet treats while learning, looking good and having fun.” With years of experience as a science teacher and having worked with all kinds of children, Kim was sure that their ideas would be a hit.

After the inspiration and feasibility steps, the real work began: business plans, financing, site location, product development and testing (with 7 kids, she had a mini testing lab at home). Kim brought her love and knowledge of science to the table in creating each experience.  Especially important, was that she wanted the products and experience to be safe enough that any child could join in the fun and learning experience of creating special lotions, soaps and other products. Just one year later, Sundae Spa started selling our products, including signature products Sundae Spa Bath Cakes and Bath Scoops, online.  Not long after, the Sundae Spa Waterbury store opened for kid-friendly salon and spa services and was followed by our Milford location.  The Milford store was closed in June 2017 and plans were made to re-create the Waterbury location.

Since the very first idea all of these years ago, many different and fun concepts have been developed.  Sundae Spa soon became a destination for private parties and event.  The retail operation blossomed from a few items to a variety of make-it-yourself products, costumes, science projects, beauty supplies, and more.  Sundae Spa re-branded in November 2017 to become Sundae Spatacular.  The spa underwent physical renovations, including the addition of an adult station, the acquisition of additional space for a larger party room with kitchen space for events and rentals and segregated lice removal area as well as cosmetic upgrades.  Beam Interactive – a laser projection game with hundreds of options was installed in the original party room to entertain kids and adults.  At the end of October 2018, Sundae Spatacular closed its doors to its physical location in Waterbury, ending this chapter in the lives of the Swan family.

And now…three of the Swan daughters are taking the reins and offering Sundae Spatacular as a new version of the business – available for home party bookings.  Now, they will bring the party to you!

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